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  • Is It Possible That Your Makeup Is Causing Cancer?

    The end of a hard day brings with it the opportunity to unwind, kick off your shoes, and… remove the caked-on layers of makeup that have accumulated on your face. What exactly is contained in the stuff? Could it be that doing so is actually detrimental to your health? We posed this question to Gina […]

  • Acquaint yourself with the Indicators and Symptoms of Skin Cancer.

    The incidence of skin cancer is continuing to climb despite improvements in diagnostic procedures, more public awareness, and technological advances in treatment. Melanoma is the most lethal form of skin cancer, and according to estimates provided by the American Cancer Society, more than 106,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with the condition […]

  • What You Really Should Be Aware Of Regarding Prostate Cancer

    In the United States, males have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer than any other type of cancer. According to projections made by the American Cancer Society, there will be around 248,500 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in men in 2021 alone. In many instances, men who have prostate cancer do not display […]

  • How Does Alcohol Contribute to the Development of Cancer?

    Drinking is linked to a long list of negative health effects, which number well over 200 if you’re keeping score at home. The more you drink, the greater the likelihood that you will get one or more of these conditions, which can vary from issues with digestion and infection to diseases of the liver or […]

  • What Doctors and Other Medical Professionals Mean When They Say Someone Has Been “Cured” of Cancer

    Fear and unease are natural responses to hearing that one has cancer, which is quite understandable. Survival rates for persons diagnosed with many different types of cancer have increased thanks to the development of potent new treatments that tap into our immune system’s capabilities and new understandings of how cancer cells grow and thrive. Other […]

  • What’s the Connection Between Obesity and Cancer?

    It is well knowledge that the prevalence of overweight and obesity in adults in the United States is on the rise, with 71.6 percent of people being affected by these conditions as of 2015 to 2016. During this time, there has also been an increase in the diagnosis of the majority of malignancies that are […]

  • Putting Your Health First As A Priority When you have cancer of the kidneys

    If you are currently having therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), one of your primary goals is to improve your chances of a successful outcome. Working with the appropriate healthcare team—comprised of healthcare experts who specialise in urology and oncology—to learn as much as you can about your diagnosis and the many treatment choices […]

  • Is There a Connection Between Eating Red and Processed Meats and Cancer?

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eating red meats like steak and ground beef, as well as processed meats like bacon and sausage, may increase your risk of colorectal cancer and possibly a few other cancers as well (WHO). In October of 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that it had reviewed more […]

  • Tips for a Healthy Diet That Could Potentially Help Lower Your Risk of Cancer

    Are you unaware that some of the foods you eat can cause cancer? The typical American diet may be loaded with substances that are harmful to health and raise the risk of developing cancer. These ingredients include artificial colours, extra sweets, and excess fat. But it is feasible to avoid making culinary blunders that could […]

  • Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment, Education, and Support for Those Living With the Disease

    Overview Treatment Managing Life While Having Breast Cancer Concerning Health Cancer Cancer of the Breast What Specific Kind Of Surgery Is Performed On Patients Who Have Breast Cancer? What Specific Type(s) of Surgery are Involved in the Breast Cancer Treatment Process? There are many different options to think about, and the one you choose will […]